Who we are

Our mission is to simplify the scholarly publishing process!

We are a UK based software and publishing services company with the goal of streamlining the publishing process through automation and our easy-to-use platforms for authors, publishers and peer reviewers.

We help publishers manage their content more efficiently and to deliver content to readers faster and with greater accuracy. With over 28 years’ experience in the publishing industry, we understand the pain points felt by stakeholders at each stage of the publishing process – from researchers preparing their manuscripts to peer reviewers and publishers requiring perfect XML. One by one, we address these through our publishing platforms developed in-house aided by our team of world class LaTeX and XML experts and by our copyeditors.

River Valley was founded in 1988 by Dr Kaveh Bazargan, a physicist who, after publishing several research papers, set out to improve the quality and speed of publishing research. Our Head Office remains in London, complemented by 3 offices in India.

A better way