We have a range of platforms that we built using our 28 years of experience in in delivering complex typesetting services. The platforms are designed to work together as a highly automated end-to-end publishing solution or can be incorporated in publishers’ existing workflows and with their other suppliers. As with any good software, there are no need for user instructions!

Authors, copy editors, peer reviewers and publishers can now create more accurate content, and virtually eliminated “dead time” in sending files back and forth! We believe the platforms could deliver savings of up to 80% in time and money to publishers.

Below some further information on our platforms:


RVRite is an easy to use collaborative online authoring platform. It has an intuitive interface, with the content saved as XML in real time, eliminating the need for a “typesetter” to convert author files. RVRite can handle the most complex content including mathematics.


Our reassuringly user-friendly peer review system is now used by a number of publishers without the need for instructions. It is usable on any mobile device, and is fully configurable to a publisher’s workflow. Publishers can even set up new journals in-house without the need for a new installation or help from usReView is a “new generation” of software for submission and peer review. Built with scalability in mind, it can handle 1000s of users concurrently with no slow-down of the system.


ProofCheck is an intuitive proof checking platform for authors, using familiar editing tools. No need to send annotated PDFs back and forth – all changes are held in the core XML of the file and are converted to PDF automatically.


RVFormatter replaced the conventional typesetting “engine”. PDFs are generated in the cloud and in seconds, directly from the source XML files. Publishers can create these PDFs themselves and make any last minute changes without having to go back to a typesetter. RVFormatter has been our in-house typesetting engine for some time, and now we are offering it to clients and third parties to use independently.


ConfOrg makes organizing conferences simple, allowing speakers to submit abstracts, full papers, and presentations. A mini-review component allows conference organizers accept or reject submissions. ConfOrg can also automatically generate beautifully typeset conference proceedings.


TrAction is River Valley’s generic workflow management system, allowing publishers, authors and suppliers to keep track of all content in the publishing process. TrAction can be configured to give each user as much or as little information as needed. And reports can always be generated to give a snapshot of the state of affairs.

Please contact should you like to have a demo of any of the platforms.

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