Cloud-based software solutions for publishers

We have a range of platforms that we built using our 28 years of experience in in delivering complex typesetting services. The platforms are designed to work together as a highly automated end-to-end publishing solution or can be incorporated in publishers’ existing workflows and with their other suppliers. As with any good software, there is are no need for user instructions!

Authors, copy editors, peer reviewers and publishers can now create more accurate content, and virtually eliminated “dead time” in sending files back and forth!

We believe the platforms could deliver savings of up to 80% in time and money to publishers.

Typesetting & copyediting

We have always had a reputation for handling complex mathematics. We carry out the composition for some of the world’s largest mathematical journals. With in-house technology and highly skilled workforce we deliver content that is a pleasure to read, but also has fully structured XML at its core.

Typography & journal design

We specialise in delivering beautifully designed journal pages which can also be efficiently typeset or even automatically generated. We use our experience in typesetting and our expert designers to ensure that typography and design are not compromised. We were commissioned to design the pages for the award winning journal, PeerJ.

Conference recording

Zeeba TV is our conference streaming and recording service.  It started in 2007 as a passion to disseminate information and today it is the leading resource for scholarly conference content online. We have recorded over 2000 conferences and individual presentations, some attracting over 250,000 views. Our ethos is to have minimal distraction on-site using our unique in-house technology to record and stream, and to deliver the highest quality output for viewers.

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