End-to-end publishing

We built the world’s first XML-based publishing solution from submission to peer review to production and to final hosting, giving full control to publishers, with full transparency of data.

Our platforms

Some of the modules that make up our end-to-end publishing system


Collaborative online authoring


Highly intuitive submission and peer review system


Document management and production tracking


Semi-automated text styling and copyediting


Freeing authors from PDF annotations


Fully automated XML to PDF converter


Intuitive indexing interface for professional indexers


Content hosting for publishers


Granular data analysis and visualisation


We are fortunate to have worked with some leading organisations as clients, including Learned societies, STM publishers, and NGOs.

What our clients say

A few comments from our clients and partners
Sara Sharman

Sara Sharman

Head of Content Services, The IET

ReView’s refreshingly simple user interface, combined with River Valley’s intimate knowledge of scholarly content, gave us the confidence to choose River Valley over the competition

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle

Chief Information Officer, American Physical Society

RVPublisher is a sophisticated XML/MathML content editing system that allows the editorial staff of Physics to rapidly create, update, and publish articles with a push of a button while maintaining tight deadlines and without concern about the underlying markup. Working with RVT, we have been able to finely tailor the system to our very specific technical requirements and worklfow.

John Inglis

John Inglis

Co-founder, BioRxiv

We are delighted that this most recent integration between submission systems extends the options available to authors of scientific papers. The transfer of manuscripts into and out of bioRxiv is an immensely popular feature of the server and it has been a pleasure to work with River Valley’s team to bring the underlying technologies to even more journals.

Alice Meadows

Alice Meadows

Former Director of Community Engagement & Support, ORCID

The implementation of ORCID’s review functionality in River Valley’s platform gives reviewers an easy way to get credit for their work, while retaining full control of what they want uploaded to ORCID. Thanks to River Valley for setting up this integration.

Scott Edmunds

Scott Edmunds

Executive Editor, GigaScience

In our seven years of pushing the boundaries of scientific publishing, our biggest frustration has been trying to work around legacy publishing obstacles. Working with River Valley Technologies – with their state-of-the-art, forward-thinking platforms – will finally allow us to put all our new ideas into practice.

Donald McDonald

Donald McDonald

Global Head of Production, Nature Journals

River Valley have provided core production services (on-shore copy editing, typesetting, artwork preparation, content proofing, supply of electronic deliverables for web and print) to the Nature Research Journals for over 10 years … they have consistently delivered competitive turnaround times and high quality.

Tristan Hale

Tristan Hale

Learning and Training Manager, Sphere

If you have semi-structured content – like humanitarian standards – to be made available both digitally and in print, consider creating the digital version first. RVT’s ‘XML-first’ publishing approach lets you do just this, and structuring your content early opens a range of possibilities.